All Japan Teachers and Staffs Union (ZENKYO) has published “ZENKYO News Letter No.39”.
It is written about the union’s activities and efforts in 2022.

-Demand to expand education budget, not defense spending

-Study tour of disaster-stricken areas in Fukushima for first time in 3 years

-Donations to Ukraine for humanitarian assistance to war victim

-The findings of ZENKYO’s survey revealed teacher shortage dramatically expanding all over Japan

-The average hours of overtime exceed a criteria for death from overwork, ZENKYO demands to amend the law immediately and win huge increase in staff numbers

– “Education Forum 2022” held in person for first time in 3 years

-ZENKYO met Barbara Madeloni for sharing views on education in Japan and U.S

-Expand union membership by having dialogues in workplaces!

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